Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alaskan Airlines Airport

This is the BIG airport. :)
The medal stairs is the 'jet way' and the other picture is to show you the airplane lands quite a long distance from the 'airport' and uses those medal stairs to get 'you' down from the plane.
When I walked into the air was almost like a looks like someones living room almost. :)

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  1. Kind of puts me in mind of some of the smaller airports we encountered in China...where you just walk down a metal stairway onto the asphalt tarmack and walk a long ways to get into the dingy, small, bare metal building with concrete floor that serves as the airport.

    I remember taking off in one of the small China Air planes and being certain that we were surely dropping pieces of the plane off onto the runway as we barreled, rattled, bumped along our take-off.