Sunday, May 17, 2009

Souper bowl

Last night Iran and I were introduced to the annual super bowl!! It is a fund raiser for scouts that the whole town participates in held at the elementary school. The bowls are of course hand made by the students. Then many people make all different kinds of soups.... and then everyone comes together where the bowls are displayed and picks which ever bowl they want...small bowls were $20 and the bigger ones are $25...our bowls were $20. Iran's is the light brown one and mine was the darker one.....then once you buy your bowl you stand in line to get the soup of your choice...I think there was around 14 can go back as many times as you like.....what fun!! This is a true keepsake that we will cherish.


  1. It sounds like there is such a sense of "community" there! A small town connectedness! That is neat! Tell Iran I like his bowl the best!!! Kind of looks Asian!

    I wish I could have been there with you guys at the "souper bowl"! And I wish you could have been here with us last night as we finished out the season of Survivor. It was always so much fun calling you up at every commercial break to rant and rave! I miss the times when you were still close enough that you were in the same time zone and we could watch the same programs at the same time even though we were in different places.

    I just plain miss you.

  2. That is a neat fundraiser!
    One that my church really enjoys is a Meal Auction. Various couples donate a meal for as many people as necessary, then it gets auctioned off. If the Smiths donate a lasagna meal for say--10 people, the auction may go to $12.00 per plate (a few went for $20.00/plate). Then whoever wants to can sign up for up to 10 people at the aucitoned price. We raised $1,600 this way!!
    I spent $104.00!!!! I take some of the kids from my Wednesday Teamkids class as a treat.