Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Night

Being here I think would change anyone! This town truly does seem like an old Western town back in the 1800' one is in a hurry to do anything. Being that we have pretty much NOTHING makes Iran and I look at everything in a whole new light. I think of all the things we have in storage to the ceiling back home in KC...and it is all meaningless!! Just material items that is all they are....we have nothing here and we are happy. We so realize how very wasteful we were back home. Every green bean is valuable here. Even if someone is a millionaire money can not buy what is not available and MANY places just will not ship to a P.O. Box. Money can not buy happiness and neither can material items. Many electronic devices that I just had to have that I had brought on the plane I really have not used at all. I knew phones had only been here a couple of years but I did not know internet was as I know I should be thankful just to be able to for many people would never even be able to afford a computer.
As I look out the window right now at is as light as can be and snowing like the middle of May?? Just so everyone knows...our internet service is HORRIBLE...our internet service just shuts off at any given time! Please know that if we do not write anyone back that is the at the end of the earth....the satellite reception is terrible!! We are paying megabucks for what?? :) As I said I just need to be thankful for even being able to communicate.
Something else.....many people here have nothing...their food comes from hunting and fishing and then there are others who look homeless but have millions. Here anything goes!! There are so many kinds of people many people have helped us....when I try to offer many thanks .... they just say...."this is is just what we do".
As I was in church this morning my eyes were welling up with tears.....I was trying with all my might to hold them back....I could not believe that here in the middle of no where there were people serving and praising God. As we stood in this little building .... it was cold...with no piano for music...just the pastor snapping his fingers to keep the beat of all of us singing the old hyms.....but what love we felt! There was only a hand full of people in the service MAYBE 7 adults...but you would the think the pastor was preaching to a cathedral!
Right now I am on sensory overload trying to learn all the new things here. It is a horrible fact that there is a terrible problem with TB/sexually transmitted diseases/sexual assault/sexual incest......I pray God will lead me where ever He feels necessary.
We miss everyone back home......
There is LOTS of gold found here with people panning daily.....Iran is going out probably tomorrow to join them....while he is waiting in this slow system for employment! Who knows maybe he can make more money mining for gold :)
We thank everyone so much for their prayers!!

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  1. Lisa, it was SO GOOD to talk to you last night!!! I'm glad you were able to get the internet to stay up long enough to post these entries! It is so neat to get to read about you experiences and I love seeing the photos!!!