Monday, May 25, 2009

Well...this horrible piece of junk of a (NEW!) computer is not working AGAIN!! We can not seem to find the problem...right when we think we have it fixed.....WRONG! I am so frustrated........ But I just have to develop the attitude....come what may I will choose to be happy. We do really love it here....I LOVE my job....but sure miss everyone back home...and since this is one of the only ways I have communicating (by computer) I really get frustrated easy when this kind of stuff happens.
Tonight we went on a walk on the beach. It was so cold I had a winter scarf around my face. You know when you are so cold and snot is running down the back of your throat? I could not take it any longer....I hocked up this big hunk of a lougie and when I went to spit it out on the ground....somehow it did not go out far but went right into my scarf that was against my face....MAJOR GROSSNESS!!!!!!! I had to walk all that way back home with a wet disgusting scarf.
Well, if we do not have a child of our own by the time we leave here I feel as if we must adopt a little Eskimo child. They are just DARLING!! This precious little boy with chubby round cheeks came into the clinic with his hand made seal skin boots that had fur around the top----what a doll. There are so many precious children here that need a home.......I see children running the streets at 'night'.....little bitty ones!!!! Where is their mother? No where to be found. It is so hard to get used to the culture here. I learn something every day.


  1. Lisa, God very well might have brought you and Iran up there to open the door for you to receive (adopt!) an Alaskan child! It wouldn't surprise me a bit!

  2. Lisa,
    I'm thrilled that we can communicate this way, and have enjoyed reading this so much since Allen showed it to me. I don't actually understand if your Internet connection is not very good for email how this blog always seems to work. But, don't worry about trying to explain it to me because I probably wouldn't understand anyway. I'm just thankful I don't have to understand it to use it! Ha.
    We love you so much and are continuing in our prayers for you both and for a job for Iran.
    Your beautiful spirit of thanksgiving for how the Lord has provided this situation for you and is already teaching you so many things is
    very inspiring to hear. Our Lord doesn't waste anything.

    Love to you both,
    Ps. 34:3