Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gabby and I went out tonight

Gabby and I went out tonight for a little stroll....we drove a little ways so she could run was so beautiful...but I saw what I thought to be bear tracks and I never knew this fat girl could run so fast to get back to the car....yelling for Gabby to hurry up before the both of us gets eaten by bears!!
I know God knows what He is doing but it sure is ODD that someone like me would end up in a job that is TOTALLY opposite of anything I ever had in mind. I DO NOT SHARE THE SAME LOVE THAT MY HUSBAND DOES FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS. I would much rather any day be inside baking cookies or trying to make a quilt...close to my family and friends. BUT here we are in the middle of NO WHERE....doing things I NEVER EVER thought I would be doing. Last week as I put my sleeping bag on the little plane to fly out .... I was thinking....what kind of job do you have to PACK YOUR SLEEPING BAG??? Norton Sound (the corporation I work for) sent the heavy duty sleeping bag that got melted in the dryer to Colordo to be fixed because it was a very expensive just find that so odd. I can see sending out a piece of equipment ...but my sleeping bag? But I have to have time I am going to request that I have a square one...NOT A MUMMY BAG!! Fluffy girls do not get along with the mummy ones.


  1. "next time I am going to request that I have a square one.."

    Hmmm...I'd suggest you go for a rectangular one, myself! You aren't THAT fluffy that you would need a SQAURE one!!!

  2. "Fluffy" Is that how Iran describes you?
    Enjoying your posts, praying for you.

  3. It's okay I'm not here and God decided we needed some time apart. He'll be the one getting us through.