Sunday, June 21, 2009

Musk Ox.....this was SO AWESOME TO SEE!!!!!!!

THIS WAS SO AWESOME TO SEE!!! WE WERE SO VERY CLOSE.....LOOK AT THE NEW LITTLE BABIES. I was so proud of Gabby! She did not chase them.....but intently observed. They were so majestic.......the beauty just took my breath away......they remind of a wholly mammoth! Sometimes Iran irritates me so much I could scream!!! He always pushes the limit....he got so close to these animals...I know they can be very aggressive....and he thinks he is some professional stealth person or of these days he is going to get himself in some real trouble! He did get some great pics though....but I could see them right in front of me so close...but he just has to get a little closer always!!


  1. Oh, Lisa... you can't deny Iran his bull fighter spirit!!!

  2. Arrgg...that was not "Ransom" posting! It was me! The way your comment section is set up, you can only choose which kind of profile you want to use (like Google), but not WHICH specific Google account you want to use of your VARIOUS Google just picks one for you and you don't know WHICH ONE it has picked until after you post and see the name appear!

  3. It's a good thing Iran is married to a hot nurse. Luv Ya!

  4. Lisa, your gentle and caring nature are what makes you so shocked at the spirit and courage of your guy. We think often think of it as foolish or risky. However, remember our talks.....He's the MAN, that's His warrior spirit that God gave him. Be glad that he is strong, and PRAY for his protection.

    Love you so much,
    Alice B.

  5. Lisa - try as I may, I have never been able to make a comment stick.
    This is just another stab at it. I
    love your blog, and read it many
    times over. Love wild
    animal follower person.... gram