Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sled dogs

Have any of you out there wandered what sled dogs look are some...out in the middle of no where with no people around....what a sad life being chained to your dog house for months on end! To my surprise there are not very many Alaskan Malamutes or Alaskan Husky's used in sled racing.....hmmmmmm in "Eight Below" there were! There are some but not near what someone might think! A bear got to one of these dogs.....I am guessing it is the one dog house with no dog....oh that upsets me so much that these dogs are left so vulnerable!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh that just stinks! They are seriously chained to houses and out in the open where they can be attacked by other animals? How very, very sad.

  2. Where is their food and WATER?

    At the outside morning church services that Grant played at this past Sunday morning (up in the Rocky Mountains), a number of folks brought their dogs with them. One tall, lean, old fellow had this malamute mix...looked like a blue eyed malamute only scrawnier. He said he had inherited the dog from his son, who lives in Anchorage. He said it was a sled dog. Beautiful dog, but really not well socialized AT ALL. It wasn't aggressive, but it acted autistic...just did not CONNECT with people like most dogs usually do. The guy said, "This dog is hyperactive...short attention span." But, to me, it didn't look so much like a short attention span as it did a total disinterest in the people trying to interact with it. The dog would NOT look at you and would not RESPOND...very evasive...not skitterish at all, just did not want to be bothered with affection lavishing people!

    As I watched his dog, I thought of what you have told me about the way dogs are treated (generally) in Alaska and this dog's demeanor made perfect sense. I'll have to post a photo of the dog on my blog, so you can see it.

    One of those dogs pictured here, looks almost like a BORDER COLLIE mix! Clicking on the picture to enlarge it allows a lot more detail to be seen!

    Looks like it would be horribly cold in the winter...being chained APART so that they can't even curl up TOGETHER to keep warm.

  3. Hello, Dear Lisa. I am just learning of this opportunity to follow your adventure. I am slow, but will try. Your grandma e-mailed me. My Michelle helps to guide me. Wow - what a wonderful opportunity to learn. I never want to stop learning. This description of life for the sled dogs is very disappointing. I was assuming the sled dogs would even sleep within their owners confines. I guess another example of my naive belief of "too many movies". :)