Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is a sea gull egg....our pastor gave it to us......one day he got like 200!! He said if you find a nest of 3 eggs for conservation purposes a person would only take one. This is what the natives eat and have been eating them for 100's of years.......they told us they are very rich....so I am going to use it to make a breakfast casserole and we see how they taste.
On a side note....not sure how often I will be able to post this blog....will sure try as must as I can! It takes hours to post pictures....so it takes a lot of time. The hospital called me today and wanted to know if I could work in the evenings till 11:30pm from when I get off work at the Health Department and then some weekends. So I am going to give it a try....they have me starting on Thursday. Please pray for Iran that he will find a job soon.....everyone continually tells him if he will just hang on a little longer there will be many jobs available---we'll see! It does make it nice for me because our tiny little house is always clean and he always has dinner made! :)
Miss everyone very much!


  1. Pictures are nice, but info on Iran and yours activities are best!

  2. I agree with davevb, I love reading about your adventures. Can't wait to hear how the seagull casserole turns out!

  3. Lisa, COMPRESS your pictures to a smaller size than you currently are compressing them. Looks like your photos are at least 1200 or larger. Take them into Picassa and knock them down to no more than 1024 at the largest. Actually, I would recommend taking them down to 800 since you are having trouble getting them to load. (I normally knock my photos down to 1045 before bringing them into Blogger so that you can view them full screen size if you click on them, but at 800 they will still be almost full screen size when people click on them to see them enlarged while reading your posts...and they will load a LOT faster, which is a major consideration when you have such a shaky, slow internet connection to have to deal with.)

    Don't give up on the photos!!! When you go back and print out hard copies of your blog posts (for an Alaskan scrapbook), it will be so nice to have the photos already there, too.

    I have LOVED getting to see the photos you have been taking. I love reading what you write, too...but the photos are the icing for the cake!

  4. Actually, Lisa, why don't you try compressing your photos down to 640...that is still a nice size for viewing when clicked on but would take HALF the time for you to load onto Blogger.