Sunday, June 14, 2009

This was so awesome!!!

I had gone on a walk on my lunch break.....when some lady I had never met welcomed me to Elim and told me they were bringing in Beluga I stood there on the shore I could hear the echos of loud gun and harpoon noises. I asked if they could call me at the clinic when they were bringing them to shore. About an hour later there was a call that came to the clinic asking to speak with the they hollered for me and I answered the phone and the voice said come to the shore they are bringing in the whales. I hurried as fast as I could to walk down to the shore from the clinic. WHAT AN AWESOME SIGHT!!

When I looked up Beluga whales it said they were one of the smallest whales weighing anywhere from 1500-3500 lbs an endangered species (only 100,000 left in the world)......very playful and expressive....and there was a picture of a child kissing a Beluga whale......they have the most beautiful, sweetest, gentle face. At first I was a little angry about them killing like THREE of these beautiful creatures within thirty minutes....but then one of my friends said...I used to feel the same way but would you rather have extinct whales or an extinct population? WOW!! What a thought!!
Also I thought that these people were so LAZY that they sometimes did not even roll out of bed till like 3pm!! We had trouble getting kids to the clinic because they were still in bed! We even gave shots around 10pm!! But my whole attitude changed after observing this magnificent event. The WHITE people invented the work day and the hurry up schedule...these people just live life. They are on no time schedule. When I saw the men in boats .....working like dogs to get the whales to shore then IMMEDIATELY start butchering them! The entire town was waiting at the shore for these men bringing in the Beluga whales....the entire town helped with ropes pull them up on the shore. I heard them yell all three times for each whale....."EVERYONE!! LET'S GO, CHILDREN GET ON THE ROPE!" This was just amazing! The Beluga meat is black. Very rich in iron....and they eat the fat as well as make oil for a dipping sauce. WOW what an experience!!

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  1. Very interesting insight you are gaining.
    Are you known in the community yet? "the nurse"? I am guessing you would be much loved after a time as outgoing as you are and what you do for the community.