Saturday, June 27, 2009


It was cold/rainy and just plain dreary in Stebbins. We ran out of sharps containers (a container to place needles) so we called back to Nome and asked them if they could send us one on the next flight coming out. First off I LOVE the ladies I work with in Nome .... we have three secretaries (all Eskimos) and they are hilarious!! When I called for the sharps container I asked if they could me a Dr. Pepper with a hamburger and fries and some chocolate to go with it. I was laughing hysterically when I opened the box that arrived the next morning with our much needed sharps container to find a picture of a hamburger and fries as well as picture of sodas....they did send us (a real) Hershey bar with almonds...some M&M's, dried soup mix as well as some pop corn. It was just so funny. It is so nice the camaraderie that we have at the Nome clinic.

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