Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday night

Well, I am off for my first village trip tomorrow to Elim........I still have a few more things to pack but for the most part am ready to go....nervous but ready.
I am sorry I am not in more of the pictures that I post BUT I have tried to take some of myself but I have a triple chin and it is JUST NOT WORTH SENDING!! :) Iran is not much on picture taking----so I take most of the pics.
I finally got my Alaska drivers license today.....glad that is over with....I failed the first time because I did not read the book.......books are over rated! :) Except for the cool 1970's ones you find at garage sales!
Well...we finally have a cell phone but the reception is TERRIBLE!! and that junky thing is costing us like $170 a month for Iran and I to have a cell phone.....oh my and to have worthless service...that makes it worse! Monica called and I had to call her back like 5 times in our short conversation. RATS!!
I have to write a personal note to my dear friend who lives in Ballard, MO.....whom I hope she reads this....don't want to mention any specific names due to this open website BUT since I have no way of getting a hold of her....I wanted to thank her so much for the beautiful pictures of the children and her letter and to tell to say I did not get to see the picture of the catfish. And to say PLEASE DO NOT WORRY ABOUT SENDING ANYTHING UP HERE as we are doing fine....maybe in the dead of winter when it is total darkness and food is scarce :) ... maybe then...possibly...but we KNOW it is very expensive to send anything....so PLEASE don't worry about sending anything now!!! Thank you so much for the thought though! OH and my new e-mail address is susunaga1847@hotmail.com so I can write you there since all my e-mail addresses got wiped away I can not write anyone unless they write me first.
Miss everyone!

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