Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am so sorry I have not written in a while and truly not been consistent with posting on this blog, BUT in my defense I have had one huge incident after thing that will help is that I will be relieved of my cat sitting duties as of is kind of a shame though as for I have become quite fond of 'little' VERY needy Mittens.
All the big things happen when I don't have my camera! Last night I drove down on the beach with Gabby to let her get some exercise......well I THOUGHT this big path was a road until all of sudden my car would not move and I felt myself getting deeper and deeper in sand. I started to out many times to unbury the wheels to get myself out....then I had the brilliant idea to get the tarp out of the back (the one we use for Gabby so she does not get her disgusting dog hair and dirt on the seats) to try and put under the wheels to give me some sort of traction. After I tried and tired ...... I become exhausted with my shoes continually filling up with sand and white nurses pants (PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME WHY I WORE THEM OUT THERE!!) were filthy. I got out my worthless Alaska service cell phone and of course had no service. It was freezing cold last night especially being by that cold I walked to where I had a signal..which thankfully was not far....and called Iran to come get me on the 4-wheeler.
So here I am waiting by the "road" for him to FINALLY get there...felt like he took forever...I mean didn't he know what kind of distress I was in? Did he eat dinner first? Anyway....there he came barreling down the road.....not asking how his princess was doing...he went straight to the question of WHY on earth I would drive way down on the beach in the sand and what was that ridiculous tarp doing all torn up under the car? WHAT?? Thankfully we have one of the high powered 4-wheelers and after MUCH effort and the help of a near by fisherman....we got it out. It is just minor stuff like that ... that keeps me from writing here.....but if I would have only brought my laptop I could have been typing in a Word document and saving it while I was waiting on the side of the freezing road.......maybe next time.


  1. Oh my gosh! I can just picture you standing there waiting for Iran! You poor thing!

  2. LISA - please do not drive out of
    town by yourself....!!!! NEVER...
    I love you....and don't want to
    think about "sinking in the sand"