Saturday, August 29, 2009


I am SO JEALOUS I can hardly stand it!!! Iran went out with our pastor to practice shooting his gun/berry pick. OF COURSE HE DID NOT BRING THE CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He saw two HUGE bears right in front of him behind some bushes......he said they both stood up on their hind legs.......oh my goodness........he has all the fun. Anyone who knows Iran, knows that he is super laid back and does not even finch during action he was totally calm...of course which is always the best thing to do. Iran said he was not scared when when stood up but he got a little scared when they started walking, he said it looked like how a MASSIVE gorilla moves.....and all the fat shook with every step......he also said they followed them. Just typing this makes my heart race........I would have been screaming bloody murder and waddled as fast as my stubs would go.........WHICH IS THE WRONG THING TO DO!! You NEVER run from a maybe it is best that I was not there............OH I WISH HE WOULD OF HAD THE CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!

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