Monday, August 10, 2009

Mining camp

We had an absolute blast this weekend going to a mining camp....the beach was the road....the bumps and going almost air borne some times was so much fun...I must say
my husband was an excellent driver this time. We had heard that this place served spaghetti on Friday nights....this old mining camp in the middle of NO WHERE!! Really in the middle of nowhere... really Nome is the middle of no where...but this old mining camp really is in the middle of no mans we thought .... lets go!! (totally out of character for me!) The mining camp is run off of generators.

I think that was the most fun we have had since we came here. You might be asking yourself the question..."Why is Lisa not in any pictures" SIMPLE.....everywhere we go I look hideous....why is it that guys always look nice no matter what they have been through and I look like I just walked out of hurricane/tornado when I get off the four wheeler after we had been on the beach. My hair looks like I had teased it with a fine tooth comb and then put a bunch of knots in I am spitting the sand of my mouth and wiping off my face, Iran pops pictures.....I prefer to have people remember me as I was back home....only a more slender version of course!

I really can not remember when we have had so much fun.......this place was so primitive. I had to use the restroom so badly but when I walked up the out house it smelled so bad even when I tried to hold my breath I just could not make myself sit down on that 'pot'.....of course Iran had no problems what so ever.

Back to my story....when we went into the place where they served the food I asked where we went to go pay.....and they said you do not pay anything, this dinner is free including all the drinks you wanted....all kinds of sodas, you name chocolate everything! WOW!! A free dinner here in Alaska....unheard of! The dinner was so delicious..spaghetti, garlic bread, salad and cake. At the end of the dinner the miners bring in the gold that they mined for the week....WOW! We have heard of people just walking along the creek and finding gold I am waiting for my million dollar nugget to just show up under my feet. :) This gold in the pictures were mined with machines.

I think the best part of the night was held in the "Saloon" where they were singing karaoke! Iran and I laughed till we hurt. The first song of the night was "North to Alaska" by Johnny Horton. Side note: Normally Iran and myself would not be in a saloon...there was no smoking and people were drinking pop. We were only upset about one thing and that was that we had not gone to this place it is closed for the fall/winter.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. See, even down here, I am a bit jealous, because it has been a long time since I have had "the time of my life". Your very literal description helps it seem real to us here in the developed world!
    Thanks a bunch for posting.