Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday night

I am so very sorry I have not written in such a long time. I have 'enrolled' myself in many things to keep busy so I will not focus on being 'lonely' and missing everyone. I go to bed late every night because I seem to always be working on something. We spend LOTS of time with our pastor and his wife, they live right down the road from us...what a blessing they have been to Iran and I. I appreciate so very much everyone's prayers!! I truly thank everyone for praying for us. I don't know if I mentioned it or not but I am a 'professional beader'/'quilter'....yea right!! I have spent so long trying to learn to do bead is REALLY big up here. It is so tedious and takes forever to make anything. I was so excited to get my first quilt top done and the pieces did NOT even frustrating!! Someone finally told me I was supposed to 'pin' the pieces...then sew them... one told me I was supposed to be using pins!! How am I supposed to be a professional quilter if no one tells anything? oh seems like my life quote is live and learn. Learn by your mistakes......some of us have more that others so I guess we really learn a lot.

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  1. Would you be interested in doing a blue jean quilt? Beverly Johnson (FYI, her husband Bud passed away recently, wonderful funeral today)said they are very warm. I have a bunch of jeans I could feed your way if interested. email me or facebook,