Saturday, August 1, 2009

Plans came crashing

Good afternoon has been cold/dreary and somewhat I thought my faithful companion and I would go for a ride on the 4-wheeler. It took forever to get Gabby up behind me on the 4-wheeler.....she was smashing herself up against me as if scared of my driving capabilities. I kept telling her to get a hold of herself and stop wimping out on me! Everything started out great but when I went to turn to get out of the yard I got a little too close to our neighbors broken down fence...which CONTINUALLY falls down in our 'yard'....each panel is held together with I think duck tape!...continually falling down again and again....I am surprised one has not crashed on Gabby yet. Anyway...when I realized how close I was to the neighbors fence I tried to back up and for the life of me could not find the reverse....I sat there and sat there pushing all the buttons possible only to eventually push the wrong button and NOW it won't even start! Oh well.....Iran will see it when he comes home from work and I am sure I will hear about it then. :)


  1. Well, Lisa...I hope IRAN gives YOU as hard a time about YOUR driving as you always give him!!! He may drive fast, but at least he knows how to put it in reverse!!!


  2. I'm cracking up! You are so funny!

  3. Hey, Lisa...I think you need to talk David into starting a blog, too! That way we can keep up with him in the Middle East like we are keeping up with you in Alaska!

  4. How great is it to say "When Iran gets home from work"?
    I agree, a blog from David would be great!