Sunday, August 2, 2009

Take a look at this

Now, I KNOW I should NEVER be attempting to operate our 4-wheeler without fulling understanding the operating procedures.....but once Iran showed me where reverse was so embarrassing!!!! Of course it is on the column!!!....but he already had it in the drive position so how was I supposed to know...right? So later on last night I took Gabby for a a look at her today.......what have I started!!!

(For those of you who comment on this blog...I really appreciate it.......and do not know how to respond back to you AND I can not get into I am so sorry!)


  1. Oh my goodness Lisa,I am glad the sun comes up, and goes down on it's own. I'll be there on the next stage.Gabby gets sweeter by the day, she is precious...and you are precious-er, so keep at it kid.
    Love you gram

  2. That is quite a 4-wheeler! And Gabby looks like she's loving it. I won't comment on the problem with reverse (heh heh heh). We miss ya!

  3. Yes, Lisa...I can see how that REALLY must have been quite confusing for you. Who knew that "R" would stand for REVERSE!!!!

  4. That's funny...something I would totally do...I had the most trouble with our riding lawn mower so I would be hopeless on an ATV! Your dog seems to be like my kiddos...once you start something it's hard to stop!

  5. Lisa, you should be able to leave a comment on your blog--just like we do. Go into the comment link at the bottom of your post and respond to comments by leaving one of your own. You should also be able to click on the ID of the commenter and be linked to their blog page, so you can leave comments on their blogs as well.

    I won't tell my husband this, but I will tell you...I had the same problem with the lawn mower. I couldn't find reverse, so I put it in neutral and pushed it out of the garage. It was so embarrassing to discover the reverse lever (of course, I found it out later on my own, so my secret is still safe!).

    In Him, Amanda