Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gabby's new house (nicer than ours!)

I was so very proud of Gabby!!!! If I only had my camera I would have taken the picture of the year!! These Alaskan hunters were out hunting ducks yesterday in the frigid cold....and they shot some ducks out on the water and could not get to them. I kept telling Gabby to go get them---so here she went, treading water and ever so gently taking the dead duck by their feathers and hauled it up on the bank and dropped it at the hunters feet---then there was another one way out and here she went again in the friged water and did the same thing...if I only had a video of these guys yelling from the shore "Good girl!!!!! Good girl!!!!!". That is all they were talking about at church today. (of course other than the serman!!)

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