Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Village of Gambell

This is Gambell...the old red looking building is the clinic. The pictures are rahter dark...I took them about 9:15am but it was still dark outside. At 8:00am it was pitch black outside...they had me stay in another building and not the clinic like I usually in the mornings I had to walk to the clinic--which was REALLY rough. The only thing that guided me was the light of the clinic--I felt like back in Biblical times being guided by the North Star. It was so windy I had to fight for every step! The people in Gambell were wonderful! I really enjoyed my trip. It was so hard to walk there--the ground is rocks that pretty much go to your ankles like quick sand and it is so windy a person can hardly walk. The wind felt like needles on my face. The people in the village told me that even in the summer I needed to wear arctic gear. The wind was so VERY, VERY loud I could not go to sleep at night. It just howled and howled. This little girl was absolutely PRECIOUS!! WHAT A LITTLE DOLL! I asked her mother if I could get her picture.
I was so hungry for something chocolate that I NEVER thought the day would come that I would spend $8.99 on some cookies that back home in Missouri would cost $1!

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