Friday, October 16, 2009

WOW....What a week!!! I got stuck in the village of Brevig Mission all last weekend because a plane could not fly out due to weather. THEN I finally got home and had to turn right around and go to TWO more villages this week...and NOW I fly out to Anchorage on the morning flight for training and will be home next Wed. night. Whew.......I have such beautiful pics of Brevig but ufortuanately I do not have time to load them all on this painfully slow computer. I will be so happy to relax at home in Nome during the month of Dec. PLEASE bare with me for this time with my spuratic postings. I REALLY miss Iran when I am gone...but he has gotten a second part-time at night to save up for a snow mobile...they call them snow machines here. Well....better go for now and get to packing.

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