Saturday, November 21, 2009


Last friend called and said I know this is short notice but do you want to go mushing? Uhhhhh no brainer!
I THOUGHT I had got this AWESOME video to post on this blog..... with great anticipation I watched it---only to about vomit from "motion watching" sickness!! AND it was mostly of the ground! Obviously I need to practice. We got this little cheap camera pocket size (so my HUSBAND will not miss taking pics of bears or other wildlife again...that is if it does not fall out of his pocket like his last TWO cell phones have!!!!!!!!---to our surprise it takes good pics and has a video function. I took my Philly pics and these pics with that little camera.
This is a typical "dog lot"...many times they are a ways from "town". I personally think this is a terrible life for a dog. These sweet dogs are so isolated and in frigid temperatures. But to my surprise these dogs were so sweet and they have ONLY one thing on their minds---that is to RUN!!!!! They howl and carry on when they are getting hooked up to their harnesses. This musher who took me was so nice!! She was wonderful.....that is right "she"...a female! She said she has a real problem with the dogs biting the ropes while she is getting ready to go because they want to run so badly. In fact that was one of my jobs to spray their mouths with "OFF" (insect repellent) if they tried to bite the ropes. I was not able to get a pic. of the whole team or very many pictures at all for that matter because I had to help hold dogs who were fighting me so badly to run...with all my might I had to hold their harnesses. I think most mushing dogs are not too bright...but man oh man can they run!!! I can not wait till Iditarod time!!!!!!

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