Sunday, November 29, 2009

Iran's Quilt

Here is Iran holding his Christmas present --his quilt--- (he is very excited to open it)----the one I worked so VERY!! hard on---the one my friend Debbie (a professional quilter) in Anchorage made into an absolute mater piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted so badly to post a picture of it on this blog--even though Iran has NO IDEA what I ever write or post or even knows the blog address I would never want him to stumble on a picture of it before Christmas. When I saw what Debbie had done with my scrappy quilt top it made my eyes water. Back in April, when we first arrived in Nome, a nurse from the state of Alaska came to teach Nome a new charting system...the VERY short two days I met her we became friends. She told me when I had to fly into Anchorage in the next two following weeks for training to "give her a call"...well everyone says that but usually does not mean it...well she did...cause she hunted me down! I had always been interested in quilting but did not know how to do anything---this lady is the master! She is a nurse and her husband is some big shot that does something with computers...and they both are pilots. Well, she sent me home with LOTS of quilting supplies that she just gave me and all kinds of information. We e-mailed and as you know I have gotten to fly to Anchorage for training many times--I just tacted on a day or so extra of personal leave and have stayed with them. Not sure if anyone knows it or not but Alaska is one of the most expensive places to live! A night at a simple motel is around $175...NOT CHEAP! They graciously have invited me into their home and she has spent DAYS teaching me about quilting. Well...she has a professional quilting machine...we are not talking just any machine---this machine costs a much as a brand new expensive car/suv! She is SUCH a wonderful teacher and I have learned so much from her! She has "fixed" all my terrible looking quilt tops and absolutely stunningly quilted them!!! OH my it just took my breath away what a wonderful job she did....she has paid for GOBS OF THE MATERIAL/BATTING. She REFUSES to let me pay for my stuff that I am absolutely responsible for (all the mistakes and things she fixes)!!! I told you all that to tell you last May when I got to go to Anchorage I wanted to make Iran an Alaskan quilt to remind us years to come about our time here. So she helped me pick out 20 different kinds of material that reminded me specifically of Nome.....and a million hours later....wa la!!
You might possible be wandering about Iran's lovely name tag on his Christmas package....I always call him "Poppy" and he always calls me "Gordis"...which tranlates from Spanish....little fat lady.

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