Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MUSHING aka (sled pulled by dogs)

I have a good friend at work who's husband mushes.... we were thrilled when he got so excited to take Rodney and Dixie on an 11 mile mushing dog trail. Now they went mushing like one hour after getting off the plane!! This Eskimo's name is Dempsey...what a sweet guy! He KEPT giving me a hard time and still did today...talking about how could I send my friends out mushing -- half dressed--they weren't have dressed...they had long undies under their jeans! Don't Eskimos wear jeans too?? Give me a break. Dempsey competes in some of the races in Alaska...he told Dixie that in a couple of years he thinks his dogs will be ready to compete in Iditarod
I was so excited to see them go mushing...I was jumping up and down...they looked so "cool" out of the movies! Rodney and Dixie told me they went airborne many times! I KNOW they had a headache and a very sore "seat" when they were finished.
(Demsey took Rodney and his son Fred was right behind him with another sled and team of dogs with Dixie).


  1. Happy New Year Lisa and Iran! Hope your new year brings many experiences you can use to further His Gospel.

  2. We didn't have headaches but today we feel like we have been beat on. If we ever do that again we won't tense up like we did the first several miles! Thank Dempsey again for taking us. Thank everyone else for the wonderful contributions of moose. Thank you guys soooo much for your hospitality, wonderful meals, and moose jerky etc. We love you guys! We are already contemplating our next visit to Nome. Would love to see it in the summer time! We wish you a Happy New Year!!!