Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pipes froze and busted

Our pipes busted today! Water every where....can't do anything till someone can come out here...a plumber did come but said "I planned on going to the gym tonight, sorry it will have to wait"...WHAT?? The problem is, I really need to go sit on the pot, but can't since one day hopefully sooner than later a plumber will come and I do not want to make the busted pipe worse. I have been so humbled upon arriving here...MANY people have no running water and they are still people CAN INDEED LIVE WITH NO RUNNING WATER...THOUGHT IT NEVER POSSIBLE. It is around -25 with a wind chill of I guess there was a good possibility this would happen. Before we moved here I would of been in tears...but since this kind of stuff seems to happen on a continual basis....never can plan anything around is ALWAYS SOMETHING!!

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  1. Oh, you poor girl! And to think I complain about having only one bathroom. I can't believe how cold it is there!