Saturday, January 23, 2010

Famous Last Words...
(more from Monica)
(LISA needs to be posting instead of me!!!)

I KNOW I swore, "NO MORE SLED RIDES!!!"...but, Iran got me back on a tobaggon sled pulled by the snow machine last night and Lisa got me on a dog sled pulled by a team of SIXTEEN DOGS(!) this afternoon! What a gorgeous ride! Dempsey is a unbelieveably talented...his dogs fly across that snow like they have wings! Few mushers run 16 dogs at once, but Dempsey does it with ease! He's been mushing dogs his entire life.

Before we left, he even lined the sled with a huge grizzly about a warm ride! (He shot the grizzly last Fall.)

(The first three photos were pictures I took while on the sled ride...the last four photos are pictures Lisa took of me taking the sled ride and then of Dempsey and myself after the ride! I was a bit frosted over and poor Dempsey is still sporting black cheeks from frostbite he suffered earlier this week. The temperature has been 20 below zero most of the week.):

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