Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well....here I sit..."Starvin Marvin" (well, really not STARVING...by the looks of me you KNOW I AM IN NO WAY STARVING!) But here I sit, a big pot of boiling water with all kinds of spices that has been BOILING FOR AN HOUR waiting for my husband to get home from work because I am too scared to touch the crabs. ..... Notice you have NEVER seen me in a picture near the crabs!!!! I can only bear to see the "legs" after they have been cooked. Can not even bring myself to use the tongs and throw them in the pot!!! So hear I sit hungry...........

I have to ask myself...what kind of "wilderness woman" am I?????


  1. Lisa, you crack me up!!! Had I realized you had this fear of live crabs I would have delighted in tormenting you endlessly while I was there! Now that I think back on it, you never did go near those crabs of ours, did you? I didn't notice at the time! RATS...such a missed opportunity!!! I could have gotten even with you for tricking me onto the death sled, just by chasing you with one of those large, lovely crabs!!!!

  2. Lisa, I know the feeling, I
    don't blame you in the least.
    Those claws look dangerous...
    but oh.....are the good.
    Enjoy one for me....and stay
    warm.. gram