Sunday, February 7, 2010

Iditarod almost here.....the second week in it what Nome is so famous for!!!
During Iditarod we will have for TWO weeks like 9 missionaries staying with us....two different teams....we are keeping the over flow from the church. There will be like 80 at the church...with only two bathrooms!!! Well....let me correct myself.....Pastor Bruce is trying to get two more installed before they get here....but in times past the church had TWO bathrooms for all those people.......honestly we could EASY make like $5,000 if we wanted to let people stay at our house for Iditarod....people come from all over the world. Closet space is rented out for $175 a night!!!!!!! Couches are rented just go down to city hall and report even carpet space if you have some available...just tell them what you have available and when people from all over the world call in for space....they let them know, you just give them your number! AMAZING!!!!!!!!! But we are here for God's work not to make money. Iran told me next year...we are going to leave our house open though, in case family or friends wanted to come.

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  1. I saw the ad on the news or whatever and wondered how much work/fun it would be for you. Sounds like an exciting time! Looking forward to hearing from you afterwards.
    A little news from today's service; Pastor Chris said he would like 600 adults and kids here for the Easter egg hunt!!!!
    He preached on having a dream and how to go about getting it started; Love God, Listen to God and Step out! A dream never was fulfilled by sitting in the chair waiting for it to happen.
    That is his dream, reach out and evangelize the community. Get them involved in our church.
    Well, anyway. Thanks for posting.