Monday, February 1, 2010

On the Trail to the Cabin
(Late Tuesday Morning)
Monica's Travel Log

(Lisa and Gabby are in this first picture. Bit hard to tell, what with being bundled up for the artic hike and all!)

ODD...I was CERTAIN Lisa and I had our arms loaded down with stuff as we trudged the long trail to the cabin Tuesday morning...but, not so, according to the pictures! I guess sweet Iran ferried it all down for us on the snow machine! I know for CERTAIN though, that we were dying of heat stroke by the time we got to the cabin, in spite of the frigid artic air...guess it was just the long walk in all those layers of clothes that had us sweating...longing for the cool relief of the Honey Bucket room! (Notice Iran lounging out on the porch, eating his potato chips, no doubt(!), waiting for us slow pokes to finally make it down the trail?!)

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