Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick Disclaimer:
(from Monica)
(I don't know when LISA is going to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for HER blog and start WRITING again.)

I need to put a quick disclaimer in here! In spite of how it might SOUND as you read through my travel log(!), I actually had a WONDERFUL time in Alaska! I had a BLAST!!! I came away from the experience feeling old and sore, but I would do it all again (except the death sled) in a heartbeat!!! Like my dog, I am sure that, given a few weeks' time, I would have toughened up enough to have weathered Alaska without having to whine so much about aches and pains! Certainly, I see how Alaska has changed Lisa. The difference is astonishing...she's still Lisa, but so much tougher. She rolls with the punches with such grace and ease and there is a spontaneity and a grab the bull by the horns spirit in her that I never knew was there before!

Back to my disclaimer of what I've written in the travel journal, the only time I honestly felt in actual peril was the moment when I comprehended that the sled, being pulled at 40mph behind the snow machine WAS going to flip at any moment, with me in it. (Which it DID do, minutes after I had bailed from it!) Though I have been factually ACCURATE in my account, as any author, I have milked it for all it is worth as I sit down to recount the events that transpired! That's the spice of writing!

Anyway, it had come to my attention that some of the readers of this blog had read Tuesday's account and come away with the impression that I had a miserable time in Alaska. Quite the contrary!...I had a miserably WONDERFUL time...which, now that I think about it, pretty well sums up the Alaskan experience...miserably WONDERFUL....Alaska is so breathtakingly beautiful, yet stark, at the same time...an odd mixture of harsh and fulfilling...a place and peoples that gets into your blood and captivates your heart. That's Alaska! And I would go back again in a heartbeat! If I didn't have children (and if my husband were willing!), I would seriously consider moving there...very seriously.

Just wanted to set the record straight!

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