Monday, March 15, 2010

Arctic Survival Class

My co-worker Lorne!....just checking on me.

My gear in my snow cave.

My fire starting equipment.

This was so hilarious......I just could not stop laughing in my heart. I was so bitterly cold, I had to laugh to keep from crying. My precious sister sent these thin mint girl scout cookies. At which NOME still has not received their girl scout cookies as promised to be delivered by these little scouts back in February! (I know..only the fat girls are complaining!) Anyway... Laura reminds me often that I am a "round pound"....So here I am ..... ice all on my hair, hands so cold I can't even feel them, only that old familiar aching burning sensation when you have gone beyond the point of cold.... being surrounded by solid snow to my hips.... I whip out my thin mints Laura sent me and all is good in the world.

One of the awesome instructors Mike.

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