Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gambell, Alaska

I had the most phenomenal trip ever and the worst trip ever. It was 70 mile an hour winds and blowing snow like a blizzard in Antarctic.....worst weather I have ever been in, in my life! BUT I got to watch them bring in a Bo-head I stood there on the beach I eyes were welling up with tears, thinking I am watching history. I was so cold I could not even think.....but here these humble men were in these small little boats not much bigger than a canoe bring in this monster whale they had killed with a harpoon, and they gave me some of the meat to bring home. UNBELIEVABLE. Just unbelievable. Took my breath away, and in the GIGANTIC mouth of the whale there were still live crill and shrimp. Now how they could survive in the ice I do not know...but maybe the whale was still warm.....I was awe stricken.
To much, MUCH sadness my camera battery went totally dead....I was DEVASTATED!! At least I got a few pictures...they started butchering the whale as soon as it hit the shore.....SO wish I could have gotten pictures of that and of everything!!!! The top two pictures my friend took of me with the whale....I felt so horrible trying to absorb everything....the whole thing was an emotional experience...and knowing my camera battery went dead at like 2am while waiting for the whale to be pulled ashore. Lessoned learned.....BRING THE CHARGER!!


  1. What a marvelous expierence,
    and what a true blessing to be there to see it. I cannot
    imagine anyone brave enough
    (but you) to fly in such weather. Love you gram

  2. That's amazing. You are seeing things most of us can't even imagine!

  3. Very glad you got what you did. Thank you.

  4. That little girl is SO ADORABLE!!! Who is the fellow in the last picture and what is he holding?

    (So sorry your battery you have a back-up battery? need to always have a back-up on hand already fully charged!)

    (What does whale meat taste like?)