Thursday, April 1, 2010

Packing Sausage

Well, the frozen raw chunks of meat at the bottom of this post don't look too appetizing -- don't let looks fool you!! Here are a few pics of the frozen finished product, we made so many varieties but they were packed in the freezer so these were the ones on top....I so wish I would have gotten more pictures as we were making it. We worked Saturday, Sunday after church, Monday and Tuesday on sausage....going to bed sometimes the next morning....making (by God's grace) the very best moose and caribou sausage, smoked snack sticks and jerky I have ever tasted in my entire life! It tastes so good you never want to eat it but save it...Iran has NEVER had a problem with that like I do. I was getting so irritated that he wanted to eat some of our product, and caught myself getting mad at him. But then I had to think...why are we making it if we are not going to enjoy it...he just pigs out on it!! If I had to put a price on it, I would charge $100 a link at least!! From Iran and two other guys going out 'in the field' for 3 days, to a crew cutting up the meat for hours on end, to a crew making sausage and jerky for hours on end....but to see the finished product....all the hard work makes it that much more special and to know that is what we will be eating all summer, living like everyone else does around here by subsistence. Subsistence is so essential here that we get a week off work to hunt and fish. We have made a wonderful new friend his name is Garrett, he was one of the two instructors in my arctic survival class. He is absolutely hilarious and keeps Iran and I rolling in laugher. He is the one here in the picture with Iran, we are at his house.

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  1. are making me HUNGRY!!!