Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Country" drive turned into hunting excursion

What an absolute BEAUTIFUL day today!!! Hopefully soon everything will be turning green.
Today Pastor Bruce his wife Gloria and son JR, Iran and I all went for a little drive that turned into a hunting excursion. As I look at these pictures, I have to make the comment that Iran is getting quite pudgy! NO doubt I am already fat, but Iran never has been even on the verge...but not so sure after going through these pics. :)
The picture of me is when we got home tonight....I was so tired and looked like a wreck (as mother would say) that it was hard to even walk in the house. The reason I think Iran wants me along is that Gabby will pay attention to what I say but rather ignores him when they are out in open ground. I KNOW she knows he does not like her...but she knows I love her and will immediately come when I call. Iran on the other hand she will run the other direction hoping to escape... in hopes that it will just be her and I at home and we can leave him there, Iran is trying to teach Gabby to retrieve his ducks in the water. :)
This was so neat...the picture that you see of everyone drinking from a garden hose--is where someone brought a garden hose out and has the other end in a "mountain spring" and the water drains down by the road for anyone who wants to stop and get a drink...pretty cool!


  1. I love that picture of Gloria smiling up directly into the camera! She looks so fashionable with her red jacket and sporty cap!!! And, Lisa, Iran does NOT look 'pudgy'! The man just looks HEALTHY!!! You need a bit more meat on your bones when you have to survive the wilderness!

  2. So cool that Gloria brought her pup dog along, too!