Thursday, August 26, 2010

King salmon!!

I must write something that is absolutely hilarious to me! JR and I (JR is our pastor's son...the 12 yr old in the picture) were building a fire out because it was so chilly....well along comes this little bitty boy out of nowhere with NO JACKET on just a little T-Shirt...comes over to our fire and says "Hi I'm Brandon" I said, "Well hi, my name is Lisa...why don't you sit down a while and get warm" (I think his dad was fishing near by) Well, JR had his 4-wheeler closer than ours so I asked JR if I could sit on his 4-wheeler that was close to the fire. He reluctantly said "Yes, hopefully YOU sitting on it won't bust the shocks" (he acts like a little brother!) Well out of no where this little boy very seriously said and looking very angry at JR said "HE IS JUST KIDDING!!!!"

1 comment:

  1. How disappointing--I was hoping to see a picture of sitting on JR's 4 wheeler...all the tires FLATTENED! LOL!!!

    Good thing SOMEBODY sticks up for you, because your buddies sure don't!