Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tony's Visit

To my sweet Gabby can not longer stay with us due to our living arrangements....we are having to move because where we are currently living is on the market and NO ONE will take a dog around here....mind you there are sled dogs EVERYWHERE but no one will allow a dog due to previous dogs tearing things Tony graciously flew up to Nome to come get my Gabby. OH WHAT A SAD DAY WHEN SHE LEFT!! And when Tony left as well. :) I miss her so very much. Here are a few pics from Tony's visit. I thought the ones with Iran and my fur hats that we wear...but Tony with his look was hilarious! It was so wonderful to have him here. I This last picture was when we had to tell Gabby good bye at the airport. Oh...and the one with a piece of meat is a moose steak.

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