Saturday, August 6, 2011

4 wheeler accicdent

My friend Melissa and I were traveling home from the gold mining camp (Iran stayed home and went fishing so Melissa could go) approx 14 miles on the beach from Nome last night when we unexpectantly turned the 4wheeler over on us in a stream of water on the beach. I still don't know how it happened..anyone can tell you I drive slower than the slowest turtle and absolutely do not take ANY risks...(unlike someone I am married to). We were able to crawl out from under it (I think what kept it from crushing us was Iran's gun rack, which was no longer in place)...there we stood scared to death, soaking wet with sand all over us, shocked at what had just happened..... sounds of the waves crashing and of course I imagined bears all around us waiting to get us.....there was a very strong smell of gasoline and the ocean tide was at the handle bars of the machine....tide getting higher by the minute....the windshield had already flown off (broke off on impact). With all our might we could not turn it back over. It was getting kinda late (this picture was taken at 930pm) and no help of any human as far as the eyes could see!!!....I cried out to God...and here comes Todd! Todd is an emergency room nurse for Norton Sound Health Corporation whom just happened to be traveling down the beach with a group of friends. He and his burly friend turned it back over and got us safely into Nome. I just thank God for His protection. Iran has spent the day repairing and ordering new parts for the windshield and a new gun rack. I think he is using this opportunity to spiff up his already spiffed monster tire machine.

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