Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Out picking berries!!

It just WEARS ME OUT TO PICK BERRIES!! I thought this picture of myself was so terrible I just had to post it. I was so stinking tired after coming home from picking berries (my mustache shows up all too clear too!). A group of us girls normally stays from the time we get off work till the sun goes we know all too soon it will be dark and cold outside. Tonight we left after work and came home in time to attend church service. Today I went over to see one of my friends at work..and her husband told me "my wife needs to wash the dishes at home and clean the house before she goes out picking berries with you again"...shocked at his words....I looked over at happy Iran does not think along those lines.....he is happy for me to go so he can eat pies, as Iran refuses to go since it is "boring". I thank God for the beauty that just surrounds majestic and so very peaceful. As I laid on the soft spongy tundra, the cool breeze blowing my hair, my eyes closed listening the ocean such a state of peacefulness (if that is a word) suddenly dawned on me that I should GET UP!! and start moving so some ol' mama bear and her cubs doesn't think I am some beach whale carcass!

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  1. Lisa, you crack me up. I love reading your stories. -Tasha-