Friday, November 11, 2011

Nome in the last couple months

My Friend Christine took these pictures with her "plain Jane" Walmart camera....the one of the church is right across the street from us. You know those people that just look at something and know it is a great MONICA.....Christine is the same way.


  1. The news had Nome as the highlight of towns that was getting hit by the storm. Glad to hear you all made it through. When I see your mom in Lowes I don't tell her what I have read here or on FB. A lot of times she hasn't heard yet.
    I really like the picture of the church from the front. Great photo. She does have a good eye.

  2. Lisa, what is that picture with the icicles? I have looked and looked at it and can't figure out what it is! (It looks like it is indoors--I see a ceiling--but that doesn't make sense! And I can't figure out what the bright blue surface is just under the icicles. It is a cool picture...intriguing and baffling!)