Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Postal Service-venting

I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED IN THE POSTAL SERVICE HERE. I know it is USUALLY not our postal service employees fault when the mail is EXTREMELY delayed, and lately including today no planes are flying due to the blizzard..... but when TRIPLE shipping costs or in most cases NO SHIPPING to Nome is the case it gets so irritating. Nome is supposed to operate under the rest of the governmental offices, why is it that they are so backed up that important packages don't get a slip in their box till DAYS after it has been delivered to the annex. I KNOW they would NEVER let me take a picture of their TERRIBLE MESS AND EXTREME LACK OF ORGANIZATION! If one were to go to the annex there would be so many pallets and pallets of packages stacked up...and you would hear in the back ground chatting going on with the two employees hired over there... as if to be on break every single time I show up gets a bit irritating!! It is hard to get mad at the postal people when they all know you by name and are kind when you need to mail something....but I get so upset sometimes I don't even go to check the mail...just frustrates me.

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