Monday, January 16, 2012

Had to break down and get some glasses due to daily headaches. Was holding off due to the horrendous amt any non-native has to pay to be seen at the hospital/eye doc/dental. So I got my simple eye exam and ordered my glasses, which is not much of a prescription at all (had lasix 3 years ago, but it was enough of a prescription to give me a heachache). When I was told my total.... $646 I about fell over.....I thought...UHHHHH HOW MUCH?? It would have been cheaper to buy a $550 ticket to Anchorage and then I could have done some shopping and seen my good friends Debbie and Dave. Oh well....they are already ordered. Also called Discover vision to see how much it would be for a follow up enhancement on my eyes next time we get to fly home...they said $500. RATS! Should have checked there first! All is well though, at least I will have some head ache relief in less than two weeks when the ol' glasses get here.

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