Tuesday, January 10, 2012


O'l Iran finally got my shelf up. These are my treasured pieces of ivory, bone, and baleen. The "baleen" is the black long pieces with hair hanging down. It is in the mouth of whales....they sit up vertical in the mouth of the whale and the krill climb a board on the hair. Each piece that I have is very special to me....with most of them I know who made them and in what village I got it and why I got it at the time. I have to say I have also traded some crazy things in desperate times....some of which includes my duffle bags, my food, as well as clothing/hats/towels. One of my most treasure pieces, not the prettiest, but most treasured is the little seal on the far right sitting on a piece of "ice" (ivory). When my dad passed away and I came home shortly after the funeral, I was previously scheduled to fly to Savoonga. I DID NOT want to go....balled like a baby the whole miserable flight out there. I have a good friend out there....her name is Elsie. She had heard what had happened with my dad, and before I left to fly back to Nome she pulled me aside and said "my dad (he is in his 70's) wanted me to give this to you because the loss of your dad, and said that maybe you could sell it to help pay for your airfare there". OF COURSE I STARTED BALLING AGAIN.

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