Sunday, January 15, 2012


Pictures taken Saturday 01/14/12
Wanted so badly to go to the dock early yesterday morning but was too dark to take any pictures let alone see out on the frozen ocean, these pics were taken around noon yesterday. As I waited there along side the frozen Bering Sea it seemed like ETERNITY for the US Coast Guard aka "ice breaker" to creep on "into Nome" no wonder it took so long for them to arrive! I guess I imagined this new technology where they would be blazing through the ice....but not so...the old fashioned inch at a time! I read about and heard on the Nome radio all the trouble they were having getting here...but then when I saw them before my very own eyes creeping a long through that thick ice...I understood better. The "NOMITES" WERE SURE CHEERING THEM ON ALONG!!!!

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