Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wilderness Edmond---it is -24 right now...he really needs that hat today!

This is "Wilderness Edmond"........... Monica and I collect sock monkeys.....Monica and I trade sock monkeys back and forth that we make for each takes me weeks to get one made when Monica can whip one out in a day (and she is a perfectionist). This time we were focusing on an "Arctic Monkey" but I turned mine into a "Wilderness Monkey"....wanted to use the beaver fur like everyone here wears and wanted to use these super thick socks. Only problem to our making these really cool sock monkeys are they can turn into being kinda pricey!! Nice socks are really expensive! Doesn't that defeat the real "sock monkey purpose"!!! Oh and we started sending a certificates of authentication with each monkey that we has turned into serious stuff. Although I cant STAND making them because it takes me so's fun when we finish them! The whole reason we even started making them is because my good friend in Anchorage, Debbie..."helped" me.....really MADE for me a beautiful sock monkey quilt!! Actually she has "helped" with TWO! Then Monica had the great idea of using sock monkeys as a fund raiser for her mission trip...and here we are now................with serious business authenticated sock monkeys that in my opinion someone could not pay me enough to make! Anyone who has asked to buy one...I always say they are not for sale! No amt of money could pay for all my time! :)


  1. I totally share your opinion that the sock monkeys take way too much effort to be worth doing to sell them! Long after the fund-raiser for our medical mission trip had ended, I have had a number of strangers e-mail me wanting to buy a sock monkey and I have turned every one of them down! You'd have to pay me a LOT to get me to make a sock monkey just to sell! Those things are a labor of love! (And, Lisa, it takes me more than a day to make one!!! At least a couple of days and that is if I work on it all day long--ie for eight or nine hours.)

    I can't wait to get little Edmond!!! He is adorable!!! And that beaver fur hat is so cool!!!


  2. I love the hat!!! It looks like a toupe!!! Definitely gives the Wilderness Boy personality!!!