Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mama's flowers

My sweet mother gave me for Christmas a homemade planter out of a coffee container and inside she filled it with nutrient rich dirt and three flower bulbs on top of the dirt in a sandwich bag....I was to put it in the frig for a few weeks and then "plant the bulbs" and put it in the window sill. I was waiting for a time when it was not -30 outside and it would not freeze just being in the vicinity of the window (we get ice on the inside of our windows). Last week it was -16..but it is down right balmy out this week....current temp 25 above. So I took my little planter out about two weeks ago.. buried the bulbs. TO MY SHOCK MY TULIPS HAVE GROWN SO RAPIDLY AND I NOW HAVE A BEAUTIFUL RED FLOWER WITH THE SNOW IN THE BACKGROUND! YEA!!!!!! Thank you mother!!!!!

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