Monday, May 21, 2012

We filled yet another card!

I think these Bonanza gas cards are rather an insult. Gas is like 6 bucks a gallon here. I have showed one of these before, but I have to again because it is so funny to me. You spend a MINIMUM of $25 to get a sticker. Each FULL $25 you get a sticker.  When I mean minimum I have spent $48 getting what seems just a few gallons and I only have gotten one sticker. I have MANY times spent $35 or more but...just one sticker.  Why you ask do we only get a little gas...sometimes when we are going on "long" trips we have to top the tank off. But we are really trying to wait till we need a full tank! So spend a minimum of $750 and get a whopping $5 off your next tank of gas!

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