Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baptist Church in Bethel

Here is the wonderful Baptist church I attended in Bethel...and the little trailer is where the pastor and his wife live..they have been serving in Bethel for over 30 years. I must tell a story...the paper stated Sunday School started at 10am...so I came at 10am not a sole in sight. So I kill time and go to the grocery store and ask about the time of the church service. Well people did not know but knew that "there are people there on Sunday's". So around 11am I saw people going in the door, so I ran over there. Here was this elderly VERY sweet couple whom opened the building. I asked them if there was a restroom I could use. The answer was "it is not operable". But they offered me the key to their house to use the restroom there....at which I really appreciated the offer but declined. Then the sweet lady asked me if I "needed to go #1". I  said yes...she said...well there is a toilet in the other room...we will have to just use a bucket to empty it. She went on to say..that a person just could not hold going to the bathroom and that she had to wear pads because she had so much "leakage". By the end of our conversations I felt like I intimately knew this sweet couple. They later invited me to eat lunch with them. Very nice people.

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