Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hike yesterday.....spectacularly beautiful day!!

Yesterday my good friend Melissa and I went for a SEVER HOUR hike...only supposed to 2 hrs...but we could not figure out how to get down off the "mountain".

Terrible picture of myself...but I must look like that because pictures don't lie!

My friend Melissa

Melissa had the bright idea of sliding down the snow on our backpacks like she had done in the past...I asked her..."ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?"...So it took us hours to get down the hard way. This picture does not make the mountain look very steep, but was so steep I crawled down much of the way...too steep to stand up.

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  1. You were up in the mountain without the car, the 4-wheeler, & Iran? Did you have a camera for the bears????