Monday, February 18, 2013

Bethel B&B

As I posted before I had to go to chart training in Bethel....a region south of Nome. Nurses came from different parts of the state for this training. Why we had to meet up in Bethel...and not Anchorage is beyond me.... but at any very dear friend Debbie (from Anchorage) and I stayed at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast she found called "Sleepy Salmon". (Debbie has been such a wonderful friend to me and has helped me through many trials). While we were there...I clogged the is very alarming when you stay at a nice place, then at night...have to "sit on the pot" for some length of time...then to your horror realize the toilet is going to over flow! I grabbed the plunger and started plunging! Well....the next night...guess what happened to Debbie as well? She does NOT know I got this I am sure hoping she does not read this post!

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  1. Ha ha maybe that was Lisa's toilet I was trying to fix for her. Nice Lisa d