Monday, February 11, 2013

Leaving for Bethel today for chart training..... and will not be back till Friday.

Wanted to post a few pictures I took when leaving Teller last week. THE FLIGHT HOME WAS AWFUL! IF I HAD NOT HAD MY SEAT BELT ON WOULD HAVE FLOWN OUT OF MY SEAT! The wind was just terrible. And it was SO BITTERLY COLD IN TELLER...that my hands were just aching they were so cold when I got on the plane...took my glove off and took a picture....thought my hand was going to fall off.


  1. The first one is very nice picture!
    Are you not afraid on that old looking plane?

  2. Hi Bogi! I am not afraid of what the plane looks like...just have sometimes been afraid of what the weather does when we get in the air! I know God is always with I try not to be afraid. And if I die..I KNOW where I am going :)