Monday, March 25, 2013

Nome Public Health Crew again at work!

Martin Buser four time Iditarod champion is a wonderful kind man whom helps programs all over the state. One thing he does for public health is signs his name on stuffed dog collars. So here in Nome we have a drawing at our health center from a "pot" of kids that have received their immunizations. They win the dog and Mr. Buser himself the last two years has come to our health center and takes a picture with the winning kid. :)


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Is compulsory/mandatory vaccination there?
    Here we have, and the parents have go to court if they resist.
    I also didn't want to give everything to my baby, but I had to.
    We only waited a bit longer, that's all.
    Just to show you what our kids have to get I copy it:
    Tubercolosis – 0-6 week(usually on the 4th day)
    diphteria-tetanus-pertussis+polio – 2 month
    diphteria-tetanus-pertussis+polio+Haemophilus influenzae B – 3 month
    diphteria-tetanus-pertussis+polio+Haemophilus influenzae B – 4 month
    morbilli- mumpsz- rubeola – 15 month
    diphteria-tetanus-pertussis+polio+Haemophilus influenzae B - 18 month
    diphteria-tetanus-pertussis+polio – 6 year
    diphteria-tetanus-pertussis – 11 year
    morbilli- mumpsz- rubeola – 11 year
    Hepatits B – 13 year

    I think, it is a bit too much....

    1. Oops..let me post that again...I meant to hit your reply button! :)
      Hi There! No we don't have MANDATORY IMMUNIZATIONS...just highly recommended.
      6wks-2 months: is HepB, DTap, polio,Hib, PCV13 (which is for bacterial pneumococcal) and rota virus
      4 months: HepB(if the Pediarix vaccine is used the child will get an extra dose of HepB), DTap, polio, PCV13, Hib and rota virus
      6 months: HepB, DTap, polio, PCV13, and rota virus (flu is optional starting at 6 months)
      12 months: DTap, Hib, polio, PCV13, Varicella, MMR and Hep A
      4 yrs: Varicella, MMR, Polio, and DTap
      TB test(tuberculin skin test)
      A tuberculosis vaccine is not licensed in the United States.
      Children are required to have these vaccines before starting school, but their parents do have an option to sign a waiver. One thing that I have found is that people from foriegn countries many times choose not to have their children vaccinated....due to being forced to in their country such as some people living in Alaska being native from Russia.Just a little fact for you....your body can be immunized with THOUSANDS OF VACCINES at a time and it will not "make a difference" in their body as opposed to just getting say two at a time. But that is my job to promote vaccines. If I had I choice I would be immunized with every vaccine possible due to all the deaths that occur in so many parts of the world from vaccine preventable diseases. But it is each person's choice. My own husband REFUSES to get the flu vaccine...when I am the first one in line! :)

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  3. age 12 months that first Hep A is given and the 2nd one is given 6 months later.
    Usually at age 11 yrs we give Tdap, HPV (series of 3), MCV (this one is repeated again at age 16)